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Caprimo launches brand new flavoured drink with the taste of speculoos

Caprimo launches brand new flavoured drink with the taste of speculoos

Today, Caprimo reaffirms its leading role as a creator of innovative, high-quality dessert drinks. For its latest speculoos-flavoured drink, it’s offering a fully customisable experience to fit everyone’s needs.  

Consumers don’t need to choose between drinks or dessert anymore to indulge in amazing taste. Following the success of Caprimo’s cappuccino dessert drinks, Caprimo Speculoos is a  dessert drink that captures the authentic speculoos flavour in one lovely creamy experience so you can enjoy this Belgian classic to the fullest.
Speculoos, the signature taste sensation

Caprimo’s delicious drink combines rich biscuit notes with hints of cinnamon and a velvety, creamy touch. These flavour notes give Caprimo Speculoos a full-bodied taste with a texture that’s silky smooth. Based on the traditional recipe of speculoos biscuit, the drink will surely bring new and exciting taste experiences to your vending machine. All well rounded. All nicely balanced.
Fine-tune flavour to your personal preference

Want to get creative? Our new product adds more than one dessert flavour to your vending machine. Because you can combine the Caprimo Speculoos drink with additional coffee, chocolate or a little extra milk, consumers can create everything from a Cappuccino Speculoos and a Hot Chocolate Speculoos to Café Latte Speculoos and even a Mocca Latte Speculoos. With multiple combinations to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

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